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Here are three ways how MyMetaWorld is exactly what you’ve been looking for:
You are seeking to understand your life’s purpose. You want to find & follow your inner guiding voice.
You are a healer, guide, teacher or mentor. You want to help others to hear & understand their own inner wisdom.
You are supportive of the mindful expansion of consciousness. You want to connect & collaborate.
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You set up a quick and easy profile and can immediately come in and browse, find products and services, and meet others in the community. We want to support you as you do what the world needs most. So add as much as you want to.

What's inside?
Lots of good stuff, including articles, discussions, a community wall, photos & videos, products & services, and member listings. Search and find what you are looking for, including inspiration, collaboration, clients, friends and more.

How is the information here managed?
Cleanly and easily. We don't have tracking cookies, we don't sell any of your information ever, and we don't have "smart" ads. Why? Because we value your privacy. You'll get occasional emails (about once a week), and you can manage your settings about how you want to be notified about updates.

What are others saying about MyMetaWorld?
This is a spirit-guided project from the heart. We value every member and welcome both positive and constructive feedback. This community is made for every one of us, individually and collectively, for generations to come.

MyMetaWorld is like a beautiful child that has come straight from the pure hearts of Jennifer and development team. It is a platform based on the New Energies that have come about as a result of the shift in consciousness, and reflects many of the elements of a more balanced way of being. Collaboration, acceptance, receptivity and authenticity are the foundations on which it is built, with a brilliant, shiny ball of Love in the center of it all. As one shines, we all shine. That's how it feels to me.

- Jenny Griffin, Power of Change, London, UK
When I joined the MyMetaWorld community, I had just left my job as a tax litigator in downtown Chicago and started training to become a certified yoga instructor. Writing about yoga and relationships and sharing healthy recipes on MyMetaWorld further immersed me into my new lifestyle focused on health and wellness. I was also honored to record an 8 Minutes of Awesome interview with MyMetaWorld founder Jennifer via Skype when I was in Chicago, Illinois. A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience!

- Katie Chamberlain Kritikos, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA